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Os principais locais de exposições das artes visuais na cidade de São Paulo / SP


Galeria de Arte Almeida & Dale

Endereço: Rua Caconde, 152 - Jardim Paulista - São Paulo - SP CEP 01425-011 Ver mapa

Dias e horários de funcionamento: Monday to Friday, 10h/18h
Saturday, 10h/14h.

Site Oficial: Ver site

Telefone: (11) 3887-7130

"Established in the art market as one of the major galleries in São Paulo, for about 15 years the Almeida and Dale Art Gallery is acting on the secondary market of latin american and brazilian art. With selected works from contemporary and modern artists, the gallery was responsible for the insertion of significative works from artists like Portinari, Di Cavalcanti, Bonadei, Cicero Dias, Alfonso Botero, Beatriz Milhazes, Cildo Meireles, Adriana Varejão, among others, at the most important collections of the country.

The generous space at the Jardim Paulista neighborhood allows the setting of great exhibitions and, since 2012, Almeida and Dale chose to show solo exhibitions, based in a history research by a selected curator. This way, the artists trajectory can be shown in its several aspects.

For these exhibitions, the gallery counts with the generosity of countless private collectors, since not all the works are displayed for sale. And so it happened the Botero exhibition in 2012, the exhibition honoring 40 years of Aldo Bonadei’s death in 2013, and the great exhibition with 80 works of Alfredo Volpi, in April 2014. "